Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hezbollah Attacks Israeli Patrol

So far reports are that 2 Israeli soldiers have been confirmed kidnapped and in response, IDF forces have entered southern Lebanon. No word on the conditions of the other soldiers involved in the patrol.

I almost feel sorry for Lebanon, as the Hezbollah forces residing there are mostly backed by the Syrian and Iranian regimes and not so much the Lebanese government. After finally winning independence from Damascus, after so long living under their thumb, it would be sad to see any actions taken by Israel hurt what is essentially a fledgling state.

I just hope that the IDF can walk the fine line and manage to rescue their missing troops while at the same time minimizing damage to Lebanon in general. If they can clearly identify any Hezbollah targets I'm all for them blasting those off the face of the earth, I just think that they need to very careful with both their rhetoric and actions not to make this an all out Israel/Lebanon thing.

Blogs of War seems to have the best roundup thus far. Pajamas Media, Michelle Malkin, Protein Wisdom, Powerline and Captain's Quarters have more.


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