Saturday, July 08, 2006

Anti-semitism and today's left

It's very scary how many people on today's far left like to blame all the world's problems on The US and Israel. Here are just two posts from the last week on what would normally be considered 'mainstream left' sites. Just notice how little opposition there is to the blatant anti-Semitic diatribes being presented as fact.

Huffpo: Al Jazeera Airs Message From London Bomber

Indybay: More Photos from Monday's Protest

In addition, while I haven't seen this at Huffpo (although the demands are there), Indybay as well as many other 'progressive' sites (DU, Kos, etc..) often delete comments that don't tow the party line thereby reinforcing the echo chamber affect (and I don't mean troll posts whose sole purpose is to insult other posters). I've already had at least one post removed without any notification or explaination from the Indy thread.


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