Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And now a word from their sponsers

It didn't take too long for Islamic 'rights' group to start condemning PM Stephen Harpers words of support for Israel.

How is it that CAIR has any standing in Western media? Despite their close ties with terrorism (a Googling of their board members, current and former, will come up with more than a few direct ties to outright terrorist organizations worldwide) they are still the go to guys for comments and are consistently presented as the voice of 'moderate' Muslims. They're now calling Harper's comment in support of Israel "incredibly insensitive". To whom exactly? There are two main parties involved in this war, a Ally country and a world recognized terrorist organization and while it is true that the Lebanese themselves have not attacked Israel, they have permitted a group whose stated goal is the destruction of the Jewish state to essentially run the southern region of their country.

In a perfect world the Israeli's could destroy only Hezbollah targets but the truth of the matter is that due to a general weakness on the part of the Lebanese military, there are few resources in the country that cannot be used by Hezbollah to either evacuate key personnel and equipment or bring in reinforcements and supplies. Airports, power stations, fuel dumps, etc.. can all be used by Hezbollah with little or no resistance from the local governments. It's the same reason the terrorist organization has survived for more than 6 years after a UN resolution calling for it's disbanding.

What makes this whole situation all the more terrible is that unlike the West Bank/Gaza situation, the majority of Lebanese do not support Hezbollah. Their political wing holds only a few seats and little political power outside of the south but until the central government can create a force capable of handling Hezbollah themselves, either internally or with outside help, then Israel has little choice but to continue their attacks.

The fact is Hezbollah, and their enablers within the west, and I include CAIR in this group, view every civilian death as a victory. If it is on the Israeli side of the border than that most likely means one less Jew on the face of the planet, while if it is in Lebanon, or the 'occupied territories' then that is just one more face that they can broadcast through their PR machines to show the destructive nature of the Israelis. As can be seen from the beach incident a few weeks ago, the facts don't really matter and even if they happen to have been killed from 'friendly fire', as long as blame can still be placed on Israel then they were worthy sacrifices. That is why groups like Hamas and Hezbollah operate quite opening in public places. Mosques, hospitals, schools, etc.. are all seen as legitimate locations to set up shop because any retaliation from the Israelis against such sites can so easily be used to play the victim card in the press.

If CAIR and other such groups were really interested in peace, they would be using their power to condemn these islamo-terrorist groups as being counter to the teachings of Mohammed (though that is actually a very debateable point). By routinely focusing on the slightest of insults by non-Muslims (Danish cartoons anyone) while almost totally ignoring their own internal issues (and I don't mean a half hearted condemnation with a large 'but' in the middle of it) they act as a lightening rod for division. It's time for the MSM to start to recognize this and stop paying them any attention I guess I can only dream.

And just to prove my point: Ynet News (h/t LGF)


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