Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Weapons of minor discomfort"??

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my immense dislike for a certain MSNBC 'news' personality with the initials K.O.

Well it looks like Mr. O. strikes again in his attempt to be 'fair and balanced' in his representation of the news.

Now I don't think the fact that over 500 shells containing chemical weapons is necessarily as exciting an announcement as many on the right have made it out to be (except for those few far left liberals who fully subscribed to Michael Moores kite flying fantasy version of Iraq, we all knew they were there somewhere) but it is still of some interest and to downplay it like Mr. O, by dismissing Sarin and Mustard gas shells as "weapons of minor discomfort" is just plain ridiculous. (In an odd coincidence, I believe 500 is also the approximate viewing audience of Mr. O's show on a night basis)

Every expert I've seen or heard has quite clearly stated that while Mustard gas may breakdown and congeal over time, but still remain quite dangerous, the Sarin gas is without a doubt still very deadly. It may have lost some of it's effectiveness, having been stored for a long time in probably not the most ideal conditions, but that would mean more like it could now only kill 100 people if released, as opposed to 1000. Hardly a minor discomfort.

But that leads to another issue all together; the Left's need to ensure that their Bush lied meme doesn't fall to the wayside. Despite the fact that weapons of mass destruction was merely a small part of the declaration of hostilities with Iraq, it has become a cornerstone of the anti-Bush crowds argument against the invasion. All the humanitarian issues raised seems to just disappear when being trumpeted by a Republican. Now that WMDs have been discovered, no matter how degraded and inconsequential, it is job #1 amongst the left to make sure that these are clearly separated from the real WMDs that Bush was talking about. Nevermind that these would be clearly covered under the category of weapons that Saddam had, in violation of UN sanctions, which happened to be another of the originally stated reasons for the justification of the invasion.

You know, honestly, I always thought the accidental discovery of 30+ fighter Jets buried in the Iraqi desert during the first stages of the war should have been enough to make most people understand how easy it is to hide and how hard it is to find things in the desert, let alone all those truck loads of munitions and equipment that were most likely shipped out of country during the several month build up to the initial conflict.


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