Saturday, June 03, 2006

Terror Cell busted in Toronto

I wonder if this will finally be enough to help force people to understand that this is not just an extremist vs American fight and that it's a fight between radical Islam and the West in general.

As of now it looks like 12 adult suspects and as many as 5 underage suspects have been arrested for being part of a cell which intended to bomb the subway system in Toronto.

Angry in the Great White North
, Small Dead Animals, Little Green Footballs and Captain's Quarters have more.

Kate points to this rabble thread which shows just how disconnected from reality so many on the left truly are. While some congratulate the Canadian security forces for stopping what would have been an unprecedented attack, just as many seem more upset over the fact that this may just give the evil Conservatives some ammunition in their attempt to pass some much needed criminal reform.

And notice just how fast dissenting posters are threatened with banishment for what could only be considered the mildest of criticisms for other posters who are trying to make this entire things a giant Harper led conspiracy. Liberalism at it's best.

Michelle and Jeff seem to be keeping on top of things.


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