Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Stumbling through the internet: vol. 1

I have to give Rat the hat tip for pointing me towards StumbleUpon, a FireFox extension. It pretty much a pointless but quite entertaining browsing tool which allows for semi-random jumps throughout the Web. Just set your category(s) of interest and start Stumbling.

Here's installment #1 of what I found while Stumbling around earlier today:
  • Virtual Stan - It's exactly what it says but I really still can't find a point.
  • Steve, don't eat it. Vol. 7 - Really Steve, I don't know you but for the love of God, don't do it! (You can check out the rest of Steve's site here.)
  • YellowSnow - It's just like those Hallmark E-Cards, but NOT.
  • Windows Mix - I think we've all been there.
  • A brief history of spaghetti - Things you probably didn't know about everyone's favorite medium sized string like pasta.
  • Fly Guy - Another pointless but still somehow entertaining waste of time.
  • Bow Man - Really, what's the point of oddities if you can't find at least one game.


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