Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Scarborough Imam speaks out

This Globe and Mail article has got to be read to be believed.

To defend his mosque against charges that they allowed pro-terrorist propaganda to be distributed in the parking lot, the imam for the Scarborough Mosque which was frequented by all 17 arrested terror suspects, put forward the argument that the DVD's in question, distributed by those same suspects, that supported the terrorists responsible for the attacks on September 11th, would not be widely accepted at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre because it's not something most of his parishioners believe in.

You'd think that would be a good thing, that is until you hear exactly why. The reason is not that they fundamentally reject the use of terror as a means to and end, no, it's that the more widely held belief at his mosque is that 9/11 was never a terrorists act to begin with and was in fact an operation used to justify the war, perpetrated by, I'm assuming, the US government, and judging by his reference to the Holocaust (which he seems to imply didn't happen), the Jews. Incidentally, to get DVD's supporting those claim you don't have to wander out into the parking lot since they are available within the Mosque itself.

And people wonder why you never see the 'moderate' Muslims marching in protest over the 'hijacking' of their religion by extremists.

I've have known and seen Muslims who fully accept that there are elements within their religion that are quite capable of killing 3000 civilians, and are disgusted by that fact, but more and more it seems that they are in fact the minority. So while the extremists that are prepared to perform these violent acts may be few and far between, a foundation of distrust/hatred for the liberal West does seem to be pretty prevalent in 'mainstream' Islam.



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