Monday, June 12, 2006

Quote of the Year Nominee

I know we're only about half way through the year, but I believe this quote from Human Rights Activist, William Goodman, will stand the test of time and make it into the "Top Ten Dumbest Quotes of the Year" if not take the #1 spot.

In reference to the 3 Gitmo prisoners who recently committed suicide he called them:
"heroes for those of us who believe in basic American values of justice, fairness and democracy"
What always astounds me about human rights activists who protest the American treatment of Gitmo detainees is that most are hard line Muslims who follow the strictest form of Islam taught by the Taliban in which death by stoning is the recommended 'treatment' for anyone caught committing the crimes of adultery (which all women who has been raped are guilty of), being homosexual or daring to change religions to name just a few, yet to these people, simply because they oppose the US they are seen as 'heroes'.

And as for their mistreatment, the average prisoner has gained a significant amount of weight since being incarcerated, have had all their religious practices catered too (to a ridiculous extent), has been provided with better meals than those given to the soldiers guarding them, have been given access to first rate medical and dental care and in at least a dozen cases upon release have actually refused to leave.

(h/t LGF)


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