Friday, June 16, 2006

Ottawa Traffic (part 9)

Word to the wise: if in a hurry and faced with the choice of being stuck behind a Pontiac Firefly or a Plymouth Breeze always choose the Firefly. It may not do more than 60, but it will probably get there long ahead of the Plymouth.

The Firefly driver more than likely wanted a better car but that was all they could afford so when given the chance they will try to get as much performance out of their 1/2 cylinder engine to help make them feel good about their car.

A Breeze driver actually chose a car that is named after a slow moving air current. Unless it was a gift, there had to have been other options in the same class or even below, but yet they choose the Breeze. As a general rule, these people are not worried about speed.

(Ottawa Traffic Part 8)


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