Thursday, June 08, 2006

The obligatory ECW al-Zarqawi post

Not that I'm not overjoyed at the successful operation that managed to take out Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as well as several other key personnel in his insurgent hierarchy, just that I think it's being pretty well covered by every .. other .. website .. on .. the .. internet .. right .. now so I can't see myself having much new to add.

I do see one small oversight that needs taking care of though. You have the conservative commentators who, rightfully so, are quite happy that one of the main masterminds behind the Iraqi insurgency will from this point forward be referenced in the past tense (see links above), and you have the far (far) left commentators who are upset over hearing the news that their folk hero has died a tragic death at the hands of the evil imperialist Americans. Then you have the generally far left commentators who are both happy that al-Zarqawi is dead but upset that this may help Bush's approval ratings.

But what of the conservatives, like myself, who are both happy to see Zarqawi dead from a military perspective but a little sad at the same time because we know his death will probably put a crimp into his guest blogging over at IowaHawk? Where are we suppose to turn to? I guess we'll just have to buck and keep a stiff upper lip.

Well it looks like things worked out the best for everyone (except if you're a Mike Berg style liberal) as it appears al-Z managed to still keep up with his guest blogging duties, even from the other side.


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