Friday, June 02, 2006

Liberals in Exile

Even sitting on the sidelines it seems Liberals have an ability to get themselves into money scandals. The latest is thanks to leadership hopeful Joe Volpe and his accepting of $27,000 in donations from five of the children of wealthy contributors, and by children I don't mean the 20 somethings who happen to still live at home in the family mansion, but minors more in the 6-16 age group.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that all 5 just happened to give the maximum allowable donation of $5,400 as did each of their parents (I'm still waiting to hear about how the family pets decided to spend their hard earned incomes though I have a source who claims to know, for a fact, that in at least one case the goldfish lean towards the NDP so tough luck for Joe there).

That alone would have made an interesting story, but as the age of the contributor is not something the campaign is necessarily party to I was figuring on giving Joe a pass on that, but then he went and did something that reaches new heights of Liberal bravado; he had a satirical site making fun of his recent campaign problems shut down by the CIRA (Canadian .CA registrar). Luckily over at LGF a poster has managed to provide a link to a PDF copy of the site as it appeared before being deleted.

With all the PR problems facing Joe's campaign as well as the story of friendly loans to fellow Leadership hopefuls Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff, to the amounts of $100,000 and $125,000 respectively (both perfectly legal but still in violation of the spirit of the $5,400 donation cap), it looks like the race of Liberal Leader may just come down to who people hate the least by the time of the convention.

So I guess for all those who wondered what would happen to the Liberal party after being thrown from their seats of power the answer is made quite clear; it's business as usual.

Stephen Taylor has more.


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