Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ECW Laugh of the Day

Well I guess it would technically be the laugh of yesterday but what can I say, seeing RFK Jr. going on an internationally broadcast television show and making widely debunked claims with a straight face just brings a smile to mine.

Just some of his funnier claims:

A)Bush stole the last election and to prove it he has several reports (even though the very reports he sites claim the exact opposite, including the DNC funded one).

B)He's merely a non-partisan truth seeker with no political agenda except to clean up the electoral system. It's just coincidence that even though almost every criminal conviction for actual voter fraud (from physical assault, bribery, destruction of property, illegal voting, etc..) in the US from the last election involved Democrats or their supporters (ACORN, America Coming Together, the AFL-CIO and the NAACP National Voter Fund anyone) all he can find is some statistical irregularities (which even the statisticians try to explain are in fact not all that irregular) which may or may not give a few extra votes to Kerry (but even then well below Bush's margin of victory).

and the funniest bit of all...

C)there was no wide spread election fraud when his Uncle beat Nixon for the Presidency (well to be fair, for a Democrat the sight of dead people voting or areas with more recorded votes than residents is to be expected and is not considered fraud).

You can read the original Salon debunking of Kennedy's claims here as well as the online debate between RFK Jr. and Mr. Manjoo on the topic here.

Expose the Left has video.

You know, this almost makes me feel sorry for poor old Mary Mapes who if RFK wasn't on 'Your World' last night would have been a shoe-in with her recent HuffPo piece. Although her comments section at HuffPo is priceless and almost pushes her to the #1 spot.

And just for the record Ms. Mapes, when the only reports you can point to to 'prove' the documents weren't forgeries are the CBS report which went out of it's way NOT to attempt to validate the documents (as it's focus was on the newsroom's vetting process itself) and one from an expert who later had to admit that his 'proof' was itself created using a word processor and not an actual 1970's machine, you may want to consider just letting the case drop. Just check out the Wiki entry for more including Charles' Originals vs. 'Word with default settings' graphic.


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