"the administration's access" and not the governments. And seeing the Times didn't seem to have any problems with similar (or in some cases the exact same) programs run under the Clinton Administration, and for some reason they are totally disinterested in finding the source of any leaks that cannot be tied back to an administration official (I'll let you Google the Plame non-scandal yourself), I guess the most obvious answer to why they keep doing this is simple, anything they can do to damage this Republican administration is seen as a good thing. As Ace puts it, it's essentially the MSMs attempt at blackmail, it's a 'Give us a Democratic President or else we'll tell everyone what you did last summer' kinda thing.

At some times the line separating freedom of the press from outright treason seems pretty thin. In the case of the NYTs as of late, it seems they are trying their best to jump over just it to see what the government will do. Well, if nothing else this hardline anti-Bush stance has seemed to have some affect on how the world sees the Times, just not what they were hoping for I guess.

It's time for the various government agencies to close ranks and actually start prosecuting, to the fullest extent of the law, those individuals responsible for leaking this classified information. You'd think that if a special prosecutor could be called for the outing of a 'spy', who just happened to work at CIA headquarters and whose profession has been described as one of the worst kept secrets in Washington by the several journalists who already knew her identity, even prior to her 'outing', then you'd definitely get some special independent investigations into the sources of the leaks the NYT's has been reporting on, as of late. I won't be holding my breath.

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