Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Appreciation - Government Style

I know the government is trying to be a bit more careful with our money nowadays, which I'm all for, but come on, throwing a employee appreciation BBQ and then making us pay $7.50 for the ticket (which entitles you to a burger and pop and if you were lucky 4 or 5 vegetable pieces with dip) doesn't scream 'appreciation' to me, if anything it scream 'fiscal mismanagement'. They even made us bring our own utensils and plates under the guise of being waste free.

I can't wait till I retire in 20 years or so and get that bill for $30 on my last paystub to cover the cost of my "Thank You for All Your Years of Service" card.

To be fair, my Manager and Project Leader did take it upon themselves to pony up the dough so for those of us who went from my group (that would be 2 of us) we were covered. Most people were not so fortunate.


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