Monday, May 29, 2006

This One's for You Rat K.

Rat sent me a link to the 9/11 "documentary" Loose Change about a month ago (and I use the term documentary in the loosest sense of the word in much the same manner as it can be said Michael Moore makes 'documentaries'). I briefly looked at it to see if it offered any real insights but based on articles I had read earlier as well as a quick google search, I quickly put them off as simple conspiracy theorists looking to make a buck.

But it seems someone else was willing to put a little more effort into debunking their claims and has put together a pretty good site at Screw Loose Change (just gotta love the name; short, sweet and too the point). In the process of debunking LCs claims SLC also does a pretty good job of providing some good links. I highly suggest reading the comments because it's just so much fun to read posts from people working so desperately to hold onto the slimmest chance that the US Administration actually perpetrated September 11th that they discount the opinions of recognized experts in every field but bite full force on the engineering opinion of the cleaning lady who thought something 'smelled funny' in the men's washrooms 10 minutes before the crash. As one commenter stated, normally comedy this good requires a 2 drink minimum.

On a side note, and the reason LC came back to mind after a month or so, is this little story over at LGF explaining how Loose Change is facing a little legal action for using copywritten material without a license. I can't tell you just how sorry I feel for them.


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