Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reading is fundamental

Just a quick link for those on the extreme left who have obviously been having trouble with this topic over the past decade or so: RIF.ORG.

First we had the President of the United States arguing over the definitions of 'is' and 'alone' in front of an international audience.

Then we had the extreme left (I try to keep the moderates separated but on this point the lines a little fuzzier) arguing over what the definition of a lie is with their "Bush Lied..." series of memes. (For the record, if you repeat what you are told by every reliable source and believe to be the truth, even if it later turns out to be inaccurate, you haven't really lied. Lying requires advanced knowledge that what you are saying in untruthful.)

And now we have them struggling with what exactly constitutes an apology. So according to Marc over at Truthout, when you totally misrepresent conjecture and wishful thinking as fact it's not really your fault, your just erring:
"in getting too far out in front of the news-cycle".
Now that's a keeper of a line if I ever heard one.

This has been a long trend, especially in the higher level political circles, made most clear at least to me with Dick Durbin's apology (I'll let you look over the many sites evaluating his apology) over his comparison of US soldiers to Nazis in which, as is normally the case, he apologizes by actively placing blame on those who might have misunderstood his quote. (Note to Durbin, to apologize you have to admit a mistake on your part, not on the part of the audience. In the process of apologizing you can try to clarify your position, but you have to at least admit you goofed up.)

Everybody out there has more but for the sake of time and space I'll just link to Protein Wisdom and Riehl World. Oh and what the heck, I'll add Jeff's, Hot Air link just because the comments made me laugh.


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