Friday, May 26, 2006

Put your feet up and stay a while

I'm not American but I have been following the debates on border enforcement and illegal immigration. All I can say is that the Senate bill that was recently passed is actually making me feel good about Canada's own immigration policies.

While the Canadian deportation system pushed the limits of the concept of the separation of church and state as it is essentially a faith based program (the deportee is given a time and place to show up for their flight out of the country and the government basically prays they show up all the while receiving free lodging, health care and all welfare benefits) at least I am not aware of any provisions that require us to get the permission of any other country before putting any other programs in place to protect our borders. The US Senate bill, on the other hand, effectively gives Mexico veto rights as to the time and place of construction of any additional fences between the two countries.

Don't forget, you're talking about giving a country whose very economic stability (what little they have) is based on money being sent back from illegal workers in the US (to the sum of some $200 Billion each year). Add to that the very strong and widely held belief that many of the southern US states should belong to Mexico. But I'm sure Mr. Fox will be very open minded and helpful in stemming the flow if illegals between these two countries, after all, he does know where they are crossing as his army is often on the scene giving aid and supplies to the 'migrant workers', including warning them of locations of Border and civilian patrols.

And this is all outside of the interesting 'non-amnesty' amnesty portion of the bill that allows anyone in the country illegally for more than 2 years a clear path to citizenship (how exactly do you prove an illegal undocumented worker wasn't in the country for more than 2 years I wonder).

Sometimes you just have to wonder what they are putting in the water in the Capital building.


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