Sunday, May 07, 2006

Eric, please man for the love of God get some help!

I'm know there was a time in the not to distant past when Eric Margolis was an good foreign correspondent. I'm just sure of it. I've been reading his commentaries in the Ottawa Sun for a while and I know he wasn't always bad. Now, as I've pointed out on several occasions already, he has gone so far off the deep end that the only place fit for him to swim is the Marianas Trench.

Last week was his article about the outrage at having the President of China's visit classified an 'official visit' instead of a 'State Visit'. This may be a topic of major concern within the Margolis household but I can't seem to find much hoopla about it anywhere else. In short, Eric believes that Bush is sending the world to hell in a handbasket because he didn't invite Hu Jintao over for supper but instead opted for lunch.

But then the BDS really starts to show. In trying to explain Bush's unforgivable behavior, Eric manages to use both the terms 'theocon' and 'neocon' and then when things are looking bleak for his chance at the trifecta he pulls it off and slips in a references to Abu Gharib (correct me if I'm wrong but weren't people tried and convicted of their actions there), Gitmo (one of the only torture centers I know of where prisoners petition not to leave), and hidden CIA interrogation centers (so secretive that since every foreign investigation into their existence has come back with absolutely no evidence, the only proof is from a single disgruntled CIA agent who has not hidden her dislike for the current admin and has been an open supporter of the Democrats for years), all in an effort to equate Bush's supposed sins to those of the communist party of China.

I must not be watching the same news channels as dear old Eric, but can someone please tell me when was the last time the President of the United States ordered his tanks to run over protestors in the street, enforce extreme filtering to nation wide internet access, imprison people for peacefully exercising their religion of choice? The fact that the same 2 or three examples of supposed rights violations (oddly, none of which actually occurred in the US and those that have been proven have resulted in criminal or military prosecutions) are always trotted out as examples of how evil the current administration is, is to me almost proof to the contrary. If Bush was trampling over the Constitution as much as those on the extreme left like to pretend, mostly so they can make themselves appear like heroes to each other when they 'speak truth to power' (BTW, has anyone seen Stephen Colbert lately? From reading the left side of the blogosphere you would assume he has to be in some deep dark hole in GITMO by now for his attack on the Dictator in Chief), don't you think that there would be a whole host of examples a little closer to home? And no, I don't count the nice hypothetical situations groups like the ACLU so love to sue over.

Anyways, on to this weeks article (not yet posted online) in which he goes on to argue against the US's call to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear device. Somehow, in a single article, he manages to both condemn the US's call for a cease of nuclear research and praise the EU's call for the same. Really, he's so far gone that he's not even trying anymore.

He then goes on to defend Iran's right to have nukes until Israel disarms, once again indirectly placing the blame for all the Mid East problems on the Jewish state.

It's simply amazing to me how much trouble 6.3 million people can cause their hundreds of millions of neighbors by just refusing to let themselves be killed. That is the stated goal of several of their neighboring countries, Iran itself being quite vocal on that point. But to Eric there is no doubt that were it not for the neocons and Israel, the Middle East would be a glorious happy place to live (that is if you can manage to gloss over the fact that almost every country in the region has been at war at one time or another with their neighbors even without Israel's involvement).

Please Eric, I'm begging you, go see a doctor and get yourself some medication. There must be something out there that can help you.


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