Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cooking the Books

So the AG's report is out and surprise, surprise she managed to find another $60 million in hidden funds spent on the gun registry by the Liberals. So even a couple of months after they've been kicked out of power the Liberal Party of Canada still manages to cost the tax payers moneys.

The report wasn't all bad for the Liberals though, after all the numbers have been crunched it looks like the final bill to date for the $2 million dollar registry came in at only $946 million and not the $1 billion everyone was estimating. So instead of being 500% over budget they were only 473%. I have no doubt that somewhere in an office tower downtown, at this very moment, some Liberal spin doctors are trying to find a way to make "Liberals saved 27% over previous registry estimates" tomorrows headline.

And this was only from the publicly available books that the AG has access to, just imagine when the new Conservative policies start to take affect and she can go into the previously locked books of government contractors (a power she has already claimed will not be widely used) and all of those multibillion slush funds the Liberals set up outside of the control of parliament.


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