Monday, May 29, 2006

Another reason to be thankful I'm NOT part of CUPE

I am a public employee (Federal) and I do work in Ontario (Ottawa) but thankfully these clowns don't represent me.

Word's fail to adequately describe the level of loathing I feel toward the CUPE leadership right now. There is only so much leeway I will give to someone who chooses to be so willfully ignorant of the facts and history.

Is Israel perfect in their handling of the Palestinian conflict? Heck no.

Are the Palestinians the innocent little victims so many in the academic world attempt to paint them to be? Not on your life.

Should 'the wall', the most oft stated reason behind these type of divestment actions, come down ? I don't know about you but if a single structure can reduce incident of terrorism by upwards of 90% I say let it stand.

Should anyone take the UN condemnation of 'the wall' seriously? Sad to say but the UN has a very poor record on being objective on Israeli/Palestinian relations, taking almost every chance (and even holding special sessions just to create new chances) to condemn the only truly democratic nation in the Middle East.

It's just amazing to me when almost every neighboring country in the region has as it's official policy the destruction of the world's only Jewish nation (the recently elected Hamas has it as a key point in their organizational charter for crying out loud), whose population and land size barely rate as a blip on the map in the ME (just check out this Protest Warrior poster to help clarify the situation), it's somehow Israel's fault when they try and defend themselves, even through passive means like the wall.

Sometimes I wonder if things could get any worse if the Israelis decided to live up to their international image and just take full military action against Hamas and the other terrorist groups working openly in the occupied territories. Lord knows, the opinions of them within the CUPE leadership and much of their brothers and sisters in dementia over at the AUT couldn't get much worse.

Looks like my reference t the old AUT story is right on the mark as it appears their fellow British Teachers Union, and soon to be partner, NATFHE, just passed their own Israeli Academic ban.


Blogger MikeZ said...

CUPE isn't the only one. Here in the States, the Presbyterian Church (USA) has been trying to do that for a few years. The lefties put up the resolution, and it usually fails by a small margin.

Apparently they're unmoved by the fact that Israel is one of the few countries in the Middle East that does not pray daily and mightily for our destruction.

June 02, 2006 6:23 p.m.  

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