Saturday, May 06, 2006

Al-qaeda's Funniest Home Videos

This video (courtesy of has been getting some pretty good circulation in the last couple of days.

You can't help but smile when watching terrorist 'mastermind' Abu Musab Al Zarqawi trying his best Rambo pose for the camera. If it wasn't for the underling having to fix the gun for him, his 'shoot from the hip' style of handling it (I'd love to see that tried in real combat) or especially his turning around while holding the gun straight out, pointing it directly at another underling, it may have worked. As is it definitely portrays Zarqawi as more of a upper management type terrorist. Al-qaeda's very own version of the PHB.

There is a reason this part of the tape did not make it out until after it was retrieved by an army raid on a former safe house.

The New York Times (linking by way of LGF because of the NYT's forced enrollment and I just like LGF better) however, ever vigilant in their cause to protect the rights of the 'freedom fighters' in Iraq and around the world, as long as they oppose the current administrations goals of course, have been working overtime to make sure Abu's feelings don't get hurt. Using the patented NYT spin machine they somehow managed to turn a simple 'human interest' type story about embarrassing video clips of an extremist thug into an indictment of the President for causing the weapon to be lost in the first place; although no proof as to how Zarqawi came into possession of a widely used machine gun has been put forward by anyone, but then again, since when did facts get in the way of a good Bash Bush story at the 'paper of record'.

Personally, I'm a bit scared that the US military has/had Colonel's (and according to the author a multitude of other military personnel, but as per the NYT usual, all un-named) on it's payroll that can't even recognize the myriad of basic gun safety procedures that Zarqawi violated in under a minute.

As for the gun being unfamiliar and difficult to master, according to most other postings I have seen the gun in question is one of the simplest machine guns to use and takes almost no additional training for anyone familiar with weapons to handle. Kind of like a car owner borrowing a friend's SUV; you may not be performing hand brake turns right out of the driveway, but you at least know where the gas, brake, ignition and steering are and how they work.


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