Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The world's laziest Cyberstalker

This (warning: The preceding link connects directly to a Daily Kos thread), has just got to be one of the dumbest 'insta-controversies' coming out of the left side of the blogosphere in a long while; well at least since the other week when the oddball attack against a certain blogger's ability to write her posts, while simultaneously having a life, was all the rage.

Their complaint, this time, is that Michelle Malkin published the names and contact information for the leadership of the group responsible for last weeks UC Santa Cruz protests against Military Recruiters on campus. Now, I can see someone getting outraged if she looked up their numbers independently for the express purpose of outing them, but she didn't. What she did do was publish the first couple lines from their PRESS RELEASE which happened to include all their contact information, clearly laid out.

If you're wondering why I'm using the copy at Oread Daily it's because it has yet to be edited to remove the offensive info. After the controversy became big news, most left leaning sites quickly edited their copies to remove the contact information. While I have no problem with that action, many of these same sites are now being used as examples of the fact that the information was not publicly known except through Michelle's leak. At least the PIMC version clearly marked where they edited out the contact info while others, like this Infoshop version, did such a bad editing job, they accidentally deleted the groups email address and not just the personal contact information.

So my point, if you want your personal information to remain personal, DO NOT PUBLISH IT ON A "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" PRESS RELEASE!

I would think intelligent college students would have understood that, but I guess if there other actions are any indicator, common sense is not one of their strong suits.

See Michelle's site for more.

Just for added kicks, Olbermann Watch is leading the discussion as to how Michelle's reprinting of information from a press release was enough for good ol' KO to label her "Worst Person" of the day. The same day, that 9 people were killed in a terrorist attack near a fast food stand in Tel Aviv. Nice to know he's got his priorities straight.


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