Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Swedish logic 101

I have to agree with Charles over at LGF, the statements made by the Swedish Chancellor of Justice just have to be read to be believed.

Especially telling about how he views the Middle East conflict:
The Swedish Chancellor of Justice responded by closing the pre-trial investigation on the grounds that ‚“the lecture did admittedly feature statements that are highly degrading to Jews (among other things, they are consistently referred to as the brothers of apes and pigs)‚” but pointing out that such statements ‚“should be judged differently ‚– and therefore be regarded as permissible ‚– because they were used by one side in an ongoing and far-reaching conflict where calls to arms and insults are part of the everyday climate in the rhetoric that surrounds this conflict‚”.
Funny, I can't remember the last time I heard of complaints of anything even slightly as vitriolic as the recorded statements coming from any Temple, anywhere but statements like the one found on the Swedish tapes are all too common in Mosques, throughout the world.

You can't get a much clearer picture of one-sided justice then a government who force (or strongly persuade) the shutting down of a website because of a political cartoon and then turn around and present this defense when admittedly anti-semitic hate speech is being distributed to the public.


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