Saturday, April 15, 2006

"A Rose by any Other name...

... won't try to kill you." Or at least that looks like that's the new philosophy across the pond.

So it's official, the European Union has now begun to look to Matt and Trey to develop their security initiatives.

Using the now classic, 'bury your head in the sand' technique described on last weeks South Park, it appears the EU is finally ready to implement their plan to prevent any further acts of violence by angry Muslim hordes. In a bold new initiative, they have proposed to ban the use of terms such as 'Islamic terrorism', 'Islamofacism' and in general, trying to make it a crime to ever make any connection between Islam and the large number of terrorist-like activities performed by people claiming that as their prime motivator.

I'm sure that will settle everyone down.

Now I don't mean to imply every Muslim is a terrorist in hiding, or even that the percentage of potential terrorists make up any significant amount of the total population of the estimated 1 billion Muslims in the world, but to try and deny the connection between terrorism in general, and the more extreme forms of Islam practiced in various countries around the globe is just insane.

As the saying goes, and I have heard this repeated by several well respected Muslims, "Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorists are Muslim".

There is no more glaring example of the ostrich mentality of these so called EU intellectuals than this quote near the end:
"Islam, on the other hand, is a religion like any other religion, and cannot by any means be associated with fascism."
Well sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Coolsaet, but Islam is different from all other forms of religion around the world. It is the only mainstream religion, that I know of, that creates a fundamental tie between church and state and as everyone knows, two of the most powerful motivators for action are religion and national pride. That was as true 1500 years ago as it is today and is one of the main reasons Mohammad combined the two to create the core of the Islamic belief system. He clearly set the tone as he was both the religious and political head of Islam and despite how some may portray him, he was not a man known for taking no for an answer. After building a power base of faithful followers, he began a ruthless campaign to make Islam the dominate religion across the known world. To the extremists, that is still the main goal of Islam today and that overwhelming need to have Islam dominate all other religions is not something that will just go away because you refuse to use certain words.

LGF and PT have more.


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