Thursday, April 06, 2006

Making the best of bad situation

I have to give it to House Democrats over this Cynthia McKinney fiasco. They've thrown out their usual playbook and have opted for common sense instead. While McKinney has been parading around to anyone who will listen with her "Racist cops dared ask me to identify myself" followed quickly, and sometimes in the next sentence by "they are an honorable group of police officers" almost every other Democrat, including the Black Caucus hasn't been getting within a 100 feet of this issue unless pressed, and even then usually limiting their comments to how well the Capital Police Force perform their jobs.

When the only people you can get to stand behind you are those you are paying or the standard race baiters that show up to support anyone who claims discrimination, no matter how ridiculous the charge, then it's a pretty strong indicator that you're attempt to shift the blame isn't working, and I for one think it's about time. You never know, after all this people may think twice about trying to blame others for their mistakes and make it easier for cases of real discrimination to come to light.

Expose the Left has a whole weeks worth of videos of McKinney, her lawyers, Pelosi and almost ever news personality who currently has a show:

- James Myart (one of McKinney's lawyers) on Hannity and Colmes
- Tom Delay on Your World with Neal Cavuto
- Tom Delay on Fox and Friends
- GA State Rep. Roberta Abdul-Salaam at her 'McKinneyest' playing the race card
- Various McKinney links
- LAPD Detective defends McKinney, except when presented with her assault on the officer
- The Situation Room review the situation including Nancy Pelosi statement on the case

And the two best videos:

- Soledad O'Brien asks some tough questions and gets the same non-answers
- McKinney on Fox and Friends continues to try and make it a race issue.

It's amazing how many times McKinney can blame her own over the top reaction over a simple request for ID into a racial issue.

McKinney apologizes(?) but in true McKinney style she manages to avoid actually really admitting any blame.

The best line:
"...and I regret it's escalation..."
I guess her definition of low key was only getting Danny Glover and Harry Belefonte to stand with her while calling repeated press conferences to claim 'racial profiling' and outright racism on the part of the Capital Police. If she had meant it to become a big story she would have called in the big guns, like Denzel (although hopefully he would have 'had other plans that week'). And the addition of being a guest on every talk show with a viewership over 10 (or did she do Countdown too?) was her way of keeping things 'under wraps'.

This women's idiocy knows no bounds.


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