Thursday, April 20, 2006

Let the circle jerk begin!

This is the reason I took Slashdot off my list of homepages at home.

For a bunch of supposedly educated 'geeks' who look at things from an analytical perspective, whenever anything slightly Bush related comes up (or Microsoft for that matter), then all objectivity is thrown out the window and BDS takes over.

It's funny, I stopped reading after the first 60 comments but while they all referenced the same 'violation of my civil liberties' meme that's so popular in the hate Bush crowd (pardon the unintended pun) I have yet to see anyone give a clear cut case of theirs or for that matter anyone else's, rights having been systematically violated. But I guess it just must be true since so many people claim it is.

And yes, I admit I like Bush, but even so, if you are going to make a claim about someone abusing the system is it too much to ask for some concrete examples every now and then.

Sometimes it's hard to differentiate Slashdot from Kos.


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