Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gold and Blue make Green

I had to read the entire story to make sure this wasn't some trumped up award but it all appears legit, former PM Brian Mulroney has been named the greenest Prime Minister in Canadian history.

A panel of 12 environmentally conscious Canadians, including former Environmental Ministers and members of the Sierra Club, were asked to nominate (with reasons) and evaluate who they thought was the Prime Minister whose actions have done the most for the environment. Mulroney received 5 out of 12 votes.

Unbeknownst to me, Mulroney apparently had a very good reputation for standing up for environmental concerns during his years in office, and unlike the recently defeated Liberal governments who had made many promises on the subject, he delivered.

He will be receiving his award this Thursday, in what is apparently the event of this early spring season. If I had known I would have bought tickets. Not necessarily because of the award, but because as a federal employee, I can get tickets to the $2500 a plate gala for only $40; a pricing structure put in place to prevent 'gift tickets' from being used as bonuses from third parties. It will probably beat the Swiss Chalet I was planning on ordering.


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