Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Being in Congress while black"

I'm pretty sure the charge should have been "Being in Congress while dangerously stupid".

Here's a hint Ms. McKinney, if you try to forcibly bypass a Capital Police security checkpoint, with no visible ID, not even the special pin given to all congresscritters to identify them as such, then don't be surprised when a security officer tries to stop you. And hitting them in the chest with your phone, well that just speaks for itself. And the fact that this is not her first time trying to do this speaks even louder.

Alan Colmes defense of her actions last night, first trying to shift blame to the police and then using the moral relavitists position of "well I can't really judge because I'm not a black women" was utterly ridiculous. Sorry Alan, it doesn't take the viewpoint of a black women to realize that what she did, regardless of the Police response (which from all accounts, with the exception of Ms. McKinney's of course, appears to have been to merely request ID and then temporarily detain her when none was produced), was wrong.

Claims of racism in situations like these just go to show the inherent racism in the complainant more so that the person on the receiving end. Not everything is about color, despite what some people would like you to believe (and how the hell did Danny Glover and Harry Belefonte get involved so quick).

And one final point, if this person was trying to run a security checkpoint, I'd be worried too. I've seen her in many other photos where she looks quite normal, this is not one of them (screen capture from Michelle Malkin).

Check out Michelle's Site for video from McKinney's press conference.


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