Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Anti-war protestors: A study in irony

Over the past couple of days, Michelle Malkin has been covering the behavior of the anti-war crowd at UC Santa Cruz and their efforts to prevent military recruiters from attending a job fair on campus. Nothing new there, just another group of angry far left extremists trying to exert their limited power anyway they can.

What really strikes me about this though is the fact that, as is often the case in these types of protests, if anyone with an opposing viewpoint dares to show their face, in this case the four recruiters whose jobs it was to man the information booths setup at the fair, the anti-war crowd is often very quick to attack them, both verbally and physically (even to the point of bragging about throwing rocks at the recruiters vehicles).

Is that not the very nature of war itself? Two or more groups, unable to reach a compromise, taking physical actions to force the other parties to the disagreement to capitulate to their demands. Are they not, by there very actions, proving that war sometimes is a necessary evil.

Pretty much unless you, as a protestor, are sitting off to the side, quietly holding your sign, then you yourself are participating in war-like actions. Everything else is just a matter of scale.


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