Friday, March 17, 2006

V for Vendetta

Just went and saw 'V' as part of our regular Friday Morning Movie Club schedule (finally getting back to normal) and I have to say, it was quite good.

I'm not writing a full review, since I'm letting Mac do that (he still owes me a couple), but I will say this, don't go in expecting any subtlety. The point of the movie is repeatedly drilled into your head through a series of very straight forward speeches and scenes; not leaving a lot of room for interpretation. After seeing all the previews I was prepared for this, but if you're not, it might make the movie less enjoyable. So be forewarned.

I did notice two interesting things about the movie though. The first is that the Britain in 'V for Vendetta' is eerily similar to the far left's current vision of the US. After seeing a true fascist state depicted on the big screen however, you see just how far away from complete government dictatorship the US truly is. I'm sure people on the left end of the political spectrum will think differently, but to me, Vendetta's Britain is a perfect example of everything the US isn't.

The second was the several references to Muslims and the Koran. I found this mildly amusing because in the movie, it appears both are outlawed, as well as homosexuals and several other 'fringe' groups, due to strict religious code put forward by the government. Oddly enough, Christianity, which I can only assume is the religion in question, is one of the only religions in which there is an implied separation between church and state "Give unto Caesar what is Caeser's ..." and in today's world, the only nations I know that actually consider homosexuality a crime or outlaw other religions, are in fact Muslim nations. Islam itself is based on the idea that church and state cannot be separated and Mohammad was in fact both a religious and political leader in his day.

None of this should stop you from seeing the movie. Even without such a good story and action sequences, a few Natalie Portman scenes alone are worth the price of admission. See the movie and you'll know what I mean.


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