Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The NBC Bennish interview

I must say Bennish came over as a pretty personable guy; the type of teacher you can see why the students like. Of course, none of that counters his obvious attempt at indoctrination of his students, it just implies that he's not on the same level as Ward Churchill (although they share the same lawyer) in that his style may in fact be his honest attempt to foster debate, just that he stinks at it.

For example, if you want to raise the question "Is America the most violent nation on earth?", which is valid, to remain neutral you should offer a counter question, such as "Or, is our use of our military strength a valid way to spread democracy?". That generates a discussion.

Spouting a one sided diatribe and requiring a student to challenge what are obviously your deeply held beliefs to offer any balance, is a passive form of indoctrination. Bennish appears to allow dissent but requiring dissent to teach your class is not, in my opinion, a good method. In most cases, the students are not as informed on the subject matter as the teacher, and as such might not feel confident disagreeing with him or her openly.

And one thing I noticed, as it was very hard to miss, is the number of times Matt Lauer said 'conservative' in what appeared to be an attempt to trivialize the argument as being a conservative over reaction. Once again, the MSM at it's best.

I'd like to welcome any Pirate Ballerina readers to my humble home on the web. I was wondering why my stats suddenly shot up so fast. Thanks for coming.

And for those not visiting from Pirate Ballerina who are interested in more Bennish or Churchill related info, you should really check out the site. It has everything you ever wanted to know about Ward Churchill, with plenty of links.


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