Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just because everyone is doing it.....

Want a good example as to how not to win a debate?

Find a clip from last nights Hannity and Colmes and watch the segment where Alan Colmes and Bob Beckel are trying to disprove Hannity's claim that the Left in American have moved further and further from a group interested in ideas and have become a group more interested in personal attacks on the President and anyone who supports him.

Hannity made the claim that everyday Democrats are coming out to call the President a liar, incompotent, greedy, etc... and named Ted Kennedy, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid as a few examples. To combat this claim Colmes makes the classic mistake of adding gas to the fire, instead of addressing the three examples given by Hannity, he instead references comments by Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean with a 'every time Hillary or Dean makes a comment the right tries to make is seem like every democrat is saying it'. Here's the problem, if you can so easily name every single leading Democrat in the country with regards to over the top personal attacks on the President or his administration, you're ability to claim it's only a fringe element of the party falls apart pretty damn fast.

Of course, when both Colmes and Bob Beckel pull out DailyKos as an example of a good upstanding political blog, in defense of their positions, then the battle is already won.

I guess this isn't really an update, since I found it before posting, but Expose the Left has the video.


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