Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's the little things in life ...

I can't say for sure that it was me, for all I know it was just a supply problem, but just one week after I used the Cineplex Odeon online comment system to write a complaint about the spoons at their Silver City theater (they've sucked for quite a while but I waited until actually being injured by one to write) they've been changed.

Since they've been the same crappy pieces of plastic for as long as I remember I find the timing a little bit coincidental to be from anything else.

It's not like cancer has been cured or anything, but hey, if I can be a least partially responsible for the prevention of another cut lip, especially mine, than I'll consider it a job well done, and even though that's suppose to be it's own reward, I won't say no to any coupons they happen to want to send me.


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