Friday, March 10, 2006


Just thought I'd share my opinions on the three biggest Canadians news stories this week.

Issue # 1: Canada's involvement in Afghanistan
I definitely think we should be there but I don't agree with the blocking of an open debate in the House of Commons on the issue. At least let the MPs who oppose Canadian involvement a chance to talk first. If the whole things breaks down into political grandstanding and uncontrolled ranting then close the subject, but until then elected officials should at least be able to question the decision.

That being said, all those who want to pull out because of the deaths of 10 members of Canada's military really need to look into the definition of a soldier. They have been brainwashed with the whole 'peacekeeper' moniker. These men and women have been trained, and equipped, to fight, not hand out toys and candies to children in various 3rd world countries. While meeting the locals may be an added side benefit to their jobs these people chose an occupation that by it's very nature puts them in harms way.

The sad thing is that decades of left leaning propaganda have managed to make the average Canadians forget that the primary role of an army is to defend a countries interests, whether foreign or domestic, and in the course of doing that, actions may have to be taken that could result in the deaths of members of that military or others. They have been convinced that the military is nothing more than glorified policemen. Not to take anything away from the brave men and women of the various police forces across the country, but in a general day most police officers do not have people engaging them with heavy machine gun or artillery fire.

My cousin once told me about his time in Bosnia where members of his unit were forced to sit inside a bunker being shot at because the Canadian rules of engagement at the time were 'you cannot return fire until you or another member of your unit are in mortal danger', essentially requiring someone to be hit first before allowing any action. Or another time when snipers were quite opening targeting them, but as they were not actually being fired upon, they were not even permitted to aim their own weapons in the snipers direction. Of course that all changed the day a British soldier just happened to join them on their patrol, and after spotting the sniper instantly aimed his gun directly at him. The sniper never returned to that spot again.

So while every soldier killed in action should be mourned for their sacrifice, it is an insult to them and their remaining brothers and sister in arms to try and use their deaths as an excuse to surrender. And have no doubt about it, that is what those calling for a full recall of Canadian troops are in fact making a case for, surrender.

Personally I'd like to see more Canadian involvement in Iraq too, but even without the general negative sentiment towards that war, personnel and equipment issues make that a low probability move at this time,

Issue # 2: Who gets the Rav 4
Something few people bring up in the whole "Roll up the Rim to Win" controversy is that neither the 10 year old who retrieved a winning cup from the trash, not her 12 year old friend who helped her 'rrrrrroll up the rim' are legally permitted to claim the prize of the new Rav 4. You have to be 18 years old or older in this country to partake in almost any contest with prizes. Of course, Tim Horton's would be crazy to make that case and generate all the bad press that would be associated with a decision to challenge the legality of the win. I'm just saying.

Fro the CTV account, both families originally agreed to share the prize and it was only after the 10 year olds father filled out the claim form that things began to turn ugly.

I'll have to side with the two girls on this one, everyone should just go to Disneyworld. $29,000 can buy both families a nice trip with plenty left to over for souvenirs.

Issue # 3: The Canadian Tire Family gets fired
Now what will I do when I need advice as to what portable solar generator is best for running my Surround Sound system, XBox 360 and 50" Plasma TV while enjoying the great outdoors?

I feel so lost.


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