Saturday, March 18, 2006

Crashing the Gates

Dean Barnett has a great review of Jerome Armstrong ( and Markos Moulitsas's ( new book over at The Daily Standard.

While I haven't read it myself, and due to an annoying habit I have of fact checking non-fiction books I read (something I'd assume would keep me very busy with this particular work) I probably never will, from Dean's short summary I actually managed to find that surprisingly enough, Kos and I agree one something; one of the key problems with the progressive movement of today is a severe lack of central guiding principles.

Of course we totally disagree on the solution. Kos and crew believing the best way to develop a strong set of core principles is to have a think tank tell everyone what they are, while I believe that beliefs are a personal matter and cannot be forced on to a person by an outside source and until that is made clear, too many people will continue to look outward for help defining what they believe instead of looking inward.

(h/t Powerline)


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