Friday, March 31, 2006

And you thought the cartoon story was over

This week has been a flurry of Danish cartoon controversies.

First, a NYU students group proposed public discussion on the cartoons was given the choice of either A) showing the cartoons but closing it's doors to the public, or B) not showing the cartoons and allowing full public access to the event after a NYU Muslim group complained about the racist nature of the cartoons (I really don't think they know what 'racism' means) . The Objectivist Club chose B), so that they could at least listen to all of their off campus guests who otherwise would have been turned away. See Charles Mitchell of FIRE's response here.

Then came the news from Waldenbooks and Borders bookstores that their entire chains would refuse to carry the current issue of 'Free Inquiry' due to it's printing of 4 of the dreaded cartoons. See these LGF stories here and here including an open letter to Borders by Robert Bidinotto, editor of The New Individualist. Dorkafork over at INDC has one of the best rips of the book chains decision.

Then there was the complaint against The Western Standard, by an irate, and apparently barely literate, imam in Alberta. Amongst his complaints, the Western Standards publishing of the Danish cartoons has caused an influx of hate mail to the Imam, oddly most coming prior to the actual magazine being published. Now that's what I call being on top of the ball. Sadly, because the Alberta Human Rights Commission chose to accept this complaint, even though the RCMP dismissed the idea of filing any form of criminal charges against the magazine (and rightfully so), while the WS will have to foot a legal defense bill of up to $75k, the Imams case will be made on the taxpayers dime. (see the Western Standard article for full details and links as well as a legal defense fund drive)

And finally, in what can only be the strangest twist of all, Jyllands-Posten, the original publisher of the cartoons, is being sued by a collection of Danish Muslims. This after it was these same Danish Muslims who created their own booklet of Mohammed cartoons, including several they made up themselves as well as at least one picture from a pig calling contest in France (although they depicted it as a man mocking Mohammed including mocking Muslim prayer), and started a tour of the Middle East for the sole purpose of enraging the 'muslin street' and create the very reaction we have seen. If anything I believe the paper should sue any and all Muslim organizations that in any way participated or backed the Mid East tour of hate.

Allahpundit, by way of Michelle Malkin's blog, has more details on several of these stories and some good links. His best line, and one that sums up the North American definition of 'freedom of speech' perfectly:
"A group of Muslim students attended the discussion and held up a banner that read "FREEDOM OF SPEECH [does not equal] FREEDOM TO HATE" -- which, of course, it does,.." (emphasis mine)
It's really time for all Muslims, those in North America foremost amongst them, to grow up and start behaving like civilized human beings. If you are truly a moderate Muslim, instead of sitting quietly letting these extremists continue throwing childish temper tantrums, it's time to stand up and make yourself heard. Of course, being a 'religion' built on conquest and the subjugation of all non-believers to the point that the killing of anyone who changes beliefs is widely considered acceptable (outside of North America at least) it may be hard to voice such dissenting opinions and still remain in good standings with the religious leadership.

And the nonsense continues.


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