Saturday, February 04, 2006

A word of advice to Tom Toles

With a friend like this, who needs enemies.

You may have ticked off all the Joint Chiefs enough for them to send a letter to the editor (and despite what some on the extreme left think, freedom of speech does not end at the Pentagon's doorstep) but as any sane thinking individual knows, there is a 0% chance of them actually ordering the military to 'make you disappear' or do anything else to you or the Washington Post. They were just expressing their disappointment at your choice of using the image of an injured soldier as a backdrop for your cartoon. No threats, just honest expression. Fair enough.

Oh the other hand, having Ted Rall out in public defending you - nothing good can come of that.

I just watched the 'Hannity and Colmes" segment with Ted Rall defending the cartoon. Nothing special there, but once Hannity went to show one of Rall's own cartoons, Rall began to thrown a fit and then tried to act indifferent while continuing to protest the showing of his strip. I can't say it's because he doesn't want his face directly linked to the bile that he draws, but he definitely didn't act like a proud artist about to have his work shown on national television. Even Colmes was taking Hannity's side in reference to showing the cartoon.

Rall has never net a serviceman or woman he couldn't hate. His extreme dislike for the military was perfectly on display as he tried to debate Hannity over the fact that the freedoms we enjoy today are in large part due to the West's military strength. In Rall's world the Constitution alone does that. Well, Ted, the next time a tyrant like Hitler decides he wants to rule the world, you have fun waving your copy of the Constitution at his invading tanks; me, I'll be standing over by the U.S. 4th Infantry Division.


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