Thursday, February 23, 2006

Things that make you go hmmmmm...

Anyone else out there have an LG 535.

If you do you understand my pondery. Sure it looks nice, has a great size screen, good sound, good reception and some nice features, but why does it do the things it does the way it does?

Take the phone book for example. While it organizes the entries very well, what's up with the search feature? When I enter the phone book and type 'R' I get as results, Chris, Eric, Heather, Jennifer, Kerry, Maria, Norm, Patricia, Randy, Rockwell's and Shirley; every name that contains the letter 'R'. So to get to Randy's entry I have to either type 'RA' or scroll down to the second results page.

While that can be mildly annoying, the MP3 player is just a mystery to me. What were they thinking? Who was it that after creating a relatively good sounding MP3 player decided to:
  • not implement any type of playlist system
  • sort by how the songs were entered onto the memory card
  • not implement any way to rearrange the songs without wiping the card clean and starting from scratch
  • default to the option to play only the current song and stop
  • play a full screen animation which never turns off. (And this on the same phone that gives you a battery life warning if you turn the autoscreen shutoff time to 30 seconds.)
But I have to admit, that even with all that, and the myriad of other impossible to explain menu options, it's still miles better than my old phone. While virtually indestructible, the only feature it had was the 'send' button.


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