Friday, February 17, 2006

Something to smile about

As if we really needed a study to figure this out (from the Pew Research Study, h/t Powerline).

Of course if this gets too much attention the left might just let them catch on and cause us conservatives to lose one of our biggest sources of amusement, driving liberals crazy.

Come on, admit it, we (meaning conservatives) have all jumped into some far left discussion about how capitalism is evil or Bush is the next Hitler, only to either thrown in some even wilder conspiracy theory than the one being discussed, just to watch them run with it as if it actually made sense, or toss in a fact or two that totally destroys their argument just to watch the mental gymnastics they have to do to ignore it.

Sure it's like fishing with dynamite, a little too easy and not much sport, but sometimes it's just fun to watch things go boom.



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