Friday, February 24, 2006

No posting this weekend

I switched from a Bell line to Rogers home phone on Wednesday but wanted to keep Sympatico High speed. The upside is under the new rules (I think it's CRTC thing) Bell has to offer DSL service even if they don't provide the home phone line.

That's great news for me because the restrictions Rogers high speed places on DL and UL speeds and usage are not something I want to have the deal with again any time soon, the bad news, although it is technically only an electronic change over on the Bell side, they said it won't be till next Wednesday that my DSL will be back up.

I really don't understand that. No one has to come anywhere near my apartment or even leave the Bell office for that matter, and it still takes almost a week to switch over? Oh well, at least I won't be losing any of my email accounts. That would have been a real pain.

So I guess the point of this story is to say, once I leave my office in about 10 minutes, I won't be near an internet connection until sometime Monday morning. So have a great weekend folks.


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