Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How the West was lost.

And so the collapse of Western civilization continues as pretty much every major Canadian bookstore has buckled under the threats from Muslim extremists and refused to even carry the current issue of the Western Standard.

Before Mr./Ms. Anonymous jumps in I'd like to state quite clearly that in a capitalist society that the various Indigo and McNally Robinson chains are well within their rights to choose not to carry the issue, but once again, the excuse of 'tolerance for others' rings hollow. Indigo's refusal to carry the issue is especially important since, not too long ago, the government allowed Indigo to buy out Canada's only other large national book chain, Chapters, to become an effective book selling monopoly.

On the slightly brighter side, at least one paper has broken with the "tolerance" meme and had the honesty to state the obvious truth,
"Simply stated, we are being terrorized, and as deeply as we believe in the principles of free speech and a free press, we could not in good conscience place the men and women who work at the Phoenix and its related companies in physical jeopardy. As we feel forced, literally, to bend to maniacal pressure, this may be the darkest moment in our 40-year publishing history."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Show your support the cause for freedom…buy a copy of the Western Standard!

If we let the Muslims control what we publish they in effect become our editors. Is this what we want? Do we want those, to put it crudely, "crazies" to start telling us what we can and can't say? If we let them get away with this then who will be the editor next time…the Jews …the fundamental Christians…the Gays…the police (not that there is anything wrong with any of these groups)?

I vote no. Like the line in the Eagles song says...tell them … "get over it". After all we aren’t really doing anything to them. If they don’t like something then don’t read it. That’s what I do. Let them adjust to the western standard rather than the other way around. It is a slippery slope to let a religious group control us through fear.

In time, if the Muslims are subjected to this sort of thing long enough they will start to accept it as “normal”. Change takes time and old habits can't be thrown out of the upstairs window. They must be coached down the stairs one step at a time.


February 15, 2006 10:44 p.m.  

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