Sunday, February 05, 2006

Eric, Eric, Eric.

Margolis, what has happened to you.

I might not have agreed with everything he wrote before but now he's jumped fully into the BDS camp. No matter what the topic he reflexively takes the anti-Bush stance. I've actually commented on his site before calling him on some of the falsehoods and ignored facts he used to back up another argument, but even then I could give him some of the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he hadn't read a newspaper for a few weeks, maybe he was getting his information from Kos, whatever. Now, he's 'jumped the shark' in a way only a devote anti-Bush reporter can; he's actually trying to defend Iran's attempt to build a nuclear arsenal* simply because Bush opposes it.

From what I can grasp of his fractured logic, Iran needs to protect itself from the evil intentions of Israel and hey, everyone else has nukes so why not Iran. The fact that Iran's current leader has repeatedly stated, quite publicly as to avoid any possible misinterpretations, that he is devoted to wiping Israel off the map, well that's just some good natured ribbing on an international scale. Come on Bush, lighten up, can't you take a joke.

The worse part, I was actually starting this post because of his article in the Sun condemning Bush for his vow not to aid Hamas, in which he says Israel and the U.S. have to start talking with Hamas's 'moderate' wing. And by moderate I guess he means the political leaders who order the attacks on civilians as opposed to the military leaders who commit them.

And here's tip for both Eric and all the other journalists who like to make themselves feel better by pointing out what they see as the apparent hypocrisy of Bush calling for an end to aid after the elections by the Palestinians; he's not contesting the elections or saying the Pals don't deserve the right to vote, all he is saying is that by electing an organization who's stated purpose is to destroy Israel and kill Jews, an opinion not shared by the vast majority of Americans, he cannot continue to send aid. He's not calling for a recount, or the Hamas politicians to be somehow invalidated, just the opposite; he respects the Palestinians decision to give Hamas a controlling power in their government, but they, must now learn to live with the consequences of their choices. Oddly enough he didn't once mention similar demands set forth by Egypt with respect to aid. I guess because it's hard to accuse Egypt of being one of Bush's puppet regimes and therefore it doesn't fit to well with Eric's world view.

He continues his decent into anti-Bush territory with his little comment about the only other fair elections held in the region prior to the Palestinian was in Algeria, in 1991. I believe their are 25 million people a little further east, many of which with purple stained fingers, who may have some quarrel with that statement Eric.

Wow, I mean just, wow!

* The link to the actual article doesn't seem to be working at the moment for the moment it is on his main page.


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