Friday, January 27, 2006

Wow! Al-Guardian indeed!

For anyone who just doesn't understand the concept of 'moral equivalency' which is a mainstay of the far left ideology, just check out this Guardian column from today.

I mean WOW! I pride myself on being able to see things from other peoples points of view but I don't think I'm even capable of beginning to understand the thought process that goes through a persons mind when they write something like that.

It's hard to read anything past the first paragraph without feeling the bile start to build up.

About the only thing I can agree with is the articles title, "The Palestinians' democratic choice must be respected" after that I'm sorry, it's all nonsense to me.

Just think on this little gem:
"Murdering a Palestinian politician by a long-range attack that is bound also to kill innocent civilians is morally and legally no better than a suicide bomb on a bus. Hamas's refusal to give formal recognition of Israel's right to exist should also not be seen by Europe as an urgent problem."
Feel free to read the rest, if you can stomach it.

(h/t LGF)


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