Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Truth about Kyoto

CPAC has been pretty much a staple on my spare room/office TV since the English debates and right now they have one of the Burlington town hall meetings of candidates. There was really nothing new as all the candidates basically just echoed the various party lines, but there was one issue that really annoyed me, Kyoto. For the record, Kyoto is a complete waste of paper. It in no way improves air quality or in any way decreases greenhouse gases on an international level.

Really, all Kyoto does is transfer large sums of money from 1st world nations to 3rd world nations. Due to the costs involved in implementation, 1st world nations that have signed Kyoto, instead of actually forcing any pollution cutting measures on the companies that drive their economies, are just saving up money to buy pollution credits from the 3rd world nations that do not have to meet the same reduction levels. Canada apparently already has a billion dollar slush fund set up to purchase these credits when the time comes.

So please, everyone, get off of it. There is a reason so many countries that have signed Kyoto are beginning to opt out and not all of those governments are being run by conservative parties. It's just a bad accord and as long as it's in place, there will be nothing better coming down the pipe.


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