Wednesday, January 04, 2006

O'Reilly on Letterman

It's hard to find a better example of liberal debating tactics than watching the Late Show segment with Bill O'Reilly a few minutes ago. David Letterman, who I personally think hasn't really been that funny since leaving his later time slot on NBC, pulled out every stop to try and shoot down O'Reilly.

Even before O'Reilly actually appeared, Dave made several remarks that ensured everyone knew of his negative opinion of the man, no big deal, O'Reilly himself admits he has a bit of a harsh personality, but once he actually came out the real fireworks began. First O'Reilly decided to use his time to push his war on Christmas message (just for the record, he's for Christmas but against those who want it removed from the public eye). Now in typical liberal fashion, despite several examples given by O'Reilly, Dave dismissed the entire idea as ludicrous because he personally didn't feel threatened. He even went so far as to accuse O'Reilly of making some of his examples up. Of course anyone familiar with the ACLU's war on anything Christian know that the smallest win for them, means everlasting suffering for everyone else. You'll never meet a group of people more determined to set even the smallest precendent and then twist it's meaning to further their cause than the ACLU. Just look at all the memorials or across the US that have had to remove crosses from their sites because they were on public land.

Now after dismissing O'Reilly arguments on a subject matter he admitted to having no external knowledge of he then went on the attack against Bush??!? From nowhere he brings up the far left case that even though every single intelligence community across the globe believed Saddam had WMDs or had program in place to resume production of WMDs, it was solely Bush's fault that he acted on their shared beliefs. For anyone truly interested in reviewing that line of thinking, the question "Why did other leaders NOT choose to act?" seems more interesting.

Then to top it all off, Letterman sinks to a whole new low and begins pushing the 'Mother Sheehan" meme, wherein Cindy Sheehan, due to the death of her truly heroic son (who joined and then re-enlisted in the armed forces directly against her wishes with the full knowledge he would be deployed to Iraq) has the unchallengable right to spout the anti-American rhetoric across the world. Under Letterman's line of thought, which he directly challenged O'Reilly with, unless you yourself have lost a child in Iraq you have no right to voice an opinion in opposition to Ms. Sheehan. Like the whole chickenhawk meme, people who put forward that line of 'reasoning' never look at the reverse, that unless you have yourself lost a child in Iraq you should not be able to voice your support for Ms. Sheehan. Under the Letterman logic, unless you have personally experienced something you should remain neutral on all topics.

Letterman even repeatedly made comments as to O'Reilly's lack of objectivity, although as many self determined 'experts' on the left are more than proud to admit, he had never even watched the show but instead based his entire opinion on other peoples opinions.

I must say, Letterman looked like a real ass while O'Reilly, although I thought the whole starting the segment with the war on Christmas was a bit cheesy, actually came off as well informed and by far the more intelligent.

Update (second attempt - the first one crashed FireFox):
Well it looks like I wasn't alone in seeing last nights idiotic display by Letterman.


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