Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Long Farewell - R.I.P. Miller G.

It's been almost 3 years since Miller first began showing any signs of sickness but despite the loss of fur and weight loss, it wasn't until about two days ago that he actually began really acting like he was ill. He was just a little slower hopping up and down from his hammock, or leading the little parade of him and Foster throughout the condo.

Even then he was the same old Miller, hanging around my feet just fighting the urge to just take a quick nip of that forbidden sock, an urge that truth be told, he more often than not did not try to fight. So regular were he relapses into sock biting that it had become standard operating procedure for anyone spending much time at my place to either keep their feet off the floor, which would never deter him for long, or to take their socks off to avoid the wrath of Miller.

Last night, when I arrived home I found him just laying at the bottom of his cage, not that an unusual position, but after tapping the cage lightly a couple of times and receiving no response I noticed the lack of chest movement. Even up close, with my head only a foot away, he looked like he was just snoozing the evening away, one of his favourite pastimes, but sadly that wasn't the case.

Oddly enough, it was only a few months after I brought Weiser home, almost 8 years ago that I thought that he should really have a friend to keep him company while I was away all day, and so Miller entered the household and things were never the same. Now, 8 years later, only a few months after Weiser made that trip into the great beyond, Miller has finally decided it was time to join his brother. Knowing Miller, he was just waiting for Weiser to get comfortable before busting in and 'Millerizing' the place.

Here's hoping that Angels have the good fashion sense to not where white socks with sandals.



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