Saturday, January 14, 2006

Just a little over a week left in the campaign ...

... and everyone is just trying to steal everyone else's idea and make them their own.

Just the other day the Liberals announced a new 'Heroes Fund' for the families of police officers, firefighters, etc. who have died in the line of duty. A fund that sounds suspiciously like the NDP proposed plan that the Liberals voted against just a few months ago.

Not to be out done the Conservatives have decided to try and swoon the corrupt/immoral vote which has always been a strong group of Liberal supporters, by announcing one of their candidates in a BC riding is currently being investigated for smuggling a car plus 112 containers of alcohol. Though no criminal charges have been laid in Zeisman's case, I'm sure the Conservatives will do better next time.

Of course the Liberal's weren't about to take the intrusion into their turf lying down, so they almost immediately announced, or more technically tricked the NDP into announcing, that one of their candidates had tried to bribe an NDP candidate not to run. That's showing the Conservatives not to mess with the big boys.

Then the biggest surprise of all came when it was released to the public that Jack Layton had actually used a private clinic in Ontario for a hernia operation some 10 or so years ago. Now we all know that the use of private clinics is purely a Priministerial prerogative. I hear to make it up to his constituents he's offered to help Paul move all his stuff out of the PMO's office come next week so that he can reaggrivate the injury and then stand in line at the General.

All I can think of is all the work the poor Liberals will have to do for the next election. By the look of things right now, they'll actually have to come up with a coherent policy to run on next time as their rehashed 'hidden agenda' and 'Harper is scary' ads won't carry as much weight against a sitting PM.


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