Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's Been One Whole Day

.. with Stephen Harper as PM-elect and still no hellfire and brimstone. I guess my investment in that asbestos raincoat was a complete waste of money.

Well congratulation to Harper and his team for finally wrestling power away from the Liberals after all these years. Not too bad considering just 12 years ago the PC party of the time received only 2 seats in the house (that despite still receiving a significant portion of the overall vote). Hopefully he can use this time between now and the next election to show Canadians that us conservatives are not the scary monsters under the bed the Liberals and NDPers would have you believe.

This is just my suggestion, but I think the smart thing to do would be to launch into parliamentary reforms right away. It's a topic Conservatives, NDPers, Bloc and even a lot of backbench Liberals agree needs to be done. If Harper can bring everyone together to fix some of the more outstanding issues (the Senate and the appointment system being two of the biggest in my opinion), it would show the other leaders that they could indeed work with a Conservative government, a sharp contrast to last decade+ of Liberal rule from on high.

On a more personal note, my riding, for the second straight election, elected Pierre Poilievre as our representative in the House. And I'm happy to say he one with a clear majority of 55% of the vote with his closest competitor only managing 28%. While I don't necessarily expect him to get a cabinet position, he is only 26 after all, with the help of John Baird, the winner in our neighboring riding, I'm sure we will have a very strong voice in the Harper government.

Congrats to all the winners, and yes that even includes the Liberals.


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