Sunday, January 15, 2006

Give me a C. Give me an A......

It seems to me that Paul Martin's main campaign strategy, besides attacking Stephen Harper specifically or the Conservatives in general, is to stroke the ego of Canadian voters. In Paul Martin's Canada we are the #1 country, respected above all others, with not a care in the world. Being a cheerleader for Canada is indeed one of the PMs jobs, but it's reserved for situations like when talking to a bunch of school kids or giving a Canada Day speech, but the sad fact is, our health care system is no where near #1 and our economy, while good, is based largely on the US market and on a more local level, on what the Ontario government decides to do and on the international scene, Canada has slipped from a position of prominence to one where major international gaffes by our Prime Minister (just look at any of Chretien's or Martin's trips outside of the country in the last 12 years) are more likely to make the entertainment section of other nations papers than then politics section.

Just because someone comes out and speaks the truth about Canada's shortcomings does not mean they hate Canada. On the contrary, it is more often an indication that they love their country and want to do something to make it better. In the same manner I'm not saying burying you head in the sand and just repeating 'everything is perfect' means you hate the country either, but denial does not a campaign make.


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