Sunday, December 04, 2005

Weekend Round Up

Just feeling a bit too tired to actually create separate posts for everything I have saved off from the past week so time again for a weekly round-up post.
  1. The Daily Standard has a pretty good article panning Mary Mapes new book, Truth and Duty: The Press, The President, and the Privilege of Power.

  2. Check out Unique Auction to see what has to be one of the oddest auction sites I have ever seen. Where else will you see a max bid of $720 for a brand new Nissan 350Z. (Of course by my quick calculations, a $5.16 winning bid for a XBox 360 would actually have cost you $147.16. But hey, that's still $400 cheaper than retail.)

  3. While I can't think of anything that could ever happen to make me vote for the Liberals, I have to admit this blog is actually pretty good. (h/t Small Dead Animals)

  4. Michelle Malkin has a great entry for the "What were they thinking?" files. It appears, in just another example of their 'ends justify the means' type logic, have been using a picture of soldiers in a food line to try and drive home just how different life is back at home vs. in the field. Now forgetting that at any given time thousands of US soldiers are deployed away from home, even in times of peace, they can't even recognize that the soldiers in the picture are British and not American. To make it even worse, when confronted with that fact, instead of pulling the ad, they instead photoshop the picture (badly) to try to hide the most obvious evidence of the nature of the soldiers.

  5. Also from Michelle, her article over at JWR points out the painfully obvious, while the extreme left so often makes statements along the lines of Republican's requiring anger management (in this particular case she quotes Janeane Garofalo), it's almost universally the left who continually rant and rave and during 'peaceful' protests, destroy private property and throw molotov cocktails. Coincidentally, O'Reilly this week has had a couple of segments where he discussed the upcoming visit to a College campus by both Cindy Sheehan and Anne Coulter, both rather outspoken representatives of their respective sides. Which one do you think the College felt the need to call in the police to offer added security for.

  6. The liberals' creed, by Robert Alt. (Does anyone else think he needs a haircut or at least a better picture?)

  7. The BBC, oddly enough, has a story about a recent speech by Malaysian PM, Mahathir Mohamad, delivered to a summit by international Muslim leaders. In it he states, amongst other things that:
    This tiny [Jewish] community has become a world power. We cannot fight them through brawn alone. We must use our brains as well,"
    According to Minister it was meant to help enlighten his fellow Muslim leaders into their need to move away from violence. I sure the crowd, who gave this speech a standing ovation btw, managed to grasp that subtlety and it's just almost every other nation around the world (including Germany for crying out loud) that saw it as an attempt to continue the build up of animosity towards Israel. Me, I always thought the terms "cannot fight them through brawn alone" and "use our brains as well" implied the expansion of a policy through new means, while fully supporting the use of the old.

  8. A Democrat who actually still supports the war and says their has been many major accomplishments made there? Who is this Joe Lieberman guy anyways? I guess while he was out of the country, on his fourth visit to Iraq, he must have missed the Murtha memo that everything is going to hell and the US is on the verge of defeat.

  9. Just a few quick snapshots over at Iraq the Model of one of those small accomplishments that never seem to make the news over here. A Baghdad amusement park set up with the help of the coalition forces. Don't hold your breath waiting to see picture of this on the front page of the NYT.

  10. And finally, a little link just for fun.

Oh well, I guess it's back to Soduku for me.


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